Nyaboke’s Bum

I don't know how but I remember all the intricate details of my childhood. If it were a folder, the only two documents in it would be ;Nyaboke's Bum and my brother's tears. I refrain from writing about my brother's tears for a simple reason. A tears of a man should flow into his stomach, … Continue reading Nyaboke’s Bum


Amazing piece Ellie. Keep it up 🔥🔥🔥🔥

On a writer note

Welcome to tomorrows that never come.
Welcome to the roses I have placed on the graves of my dreams.
To a future with all the things I wished for,
I guess the genie cursed me.
Welcome to the days when pain is my favourite colour of ink.
Welcome to 3am ,suicidal thoughts over people who wouldn’t miss a blink for me.
Welcome to days where sleep is the favourite part of my day,
Where everything blows up in my face,
And the red pill makes me feel blue.
To watch this movie of my life,
You need xanax for popcorn.
Welcome to me being a source of entertainment as I bleed through the smile.
Welcome to me on the ground,
Wishing I was below it.
To me in the long abyss ,falling short of my words.
Welcome to me inside my head.
Sounds like acrobatics,
You see…

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My Top 10 Walking-to-school playlist.

Honestly, Pretty Little Fears should have been first even if there is no chronological order followed. 😑😔

The Tess Chronicles.

Hey guys🤗 I won’t even start with my usual excuses for not posting in forever. I’m a terrible person, period. Now that that’s out of the way, I thought I might share with you guys what I’m currently listening to 🎶

This is just a random playlist I made, for when I leave the house and walk to school. It isn’t in any particular order. I change it from time to time depending on what music I like at the present moment. Its just some songs I love listening to on repeat 🔂

So check it out :

1. Chun-Li ~ Nicki Minaj.

I love this jam because it gives me a ‘feeling myself’ vibe. Also makes me want to get a Chinese tattoo on my back, I don’t know why🤔 This is my ringtone btw.

2. Formation ~ Beyoncé.

Um, if you know me, you know that I would…

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The Tess Chronicles.

Hello lovelies!?

I think one of the many characteristics of a blogger is to procrastinate blog posts. A blogger just wouldn’t live up to the title of ‘blogger’ without getting lost for a month or so and not delivering content, then coming back to apologize.

But worry not, I’m back.
Oh, yeah, this isn’t our new home!
There are a few challenges I have encountered concerning the website that I hope to curb soon. Nevertheless, we shall continue here.

So let’s kick it off with a taking stock post to let you know how its been going, sawa?

Feeling really motivated and inspired this week. I better be productive before it wears off.

Listening to Ariana Grande’s new album ,Sweetener, a lot. My favourites so far are No tears left to cry and God is a woman. Also her song Dance to this with u Sivan, looove it.


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On a writer note

When do you know you’ve hit rock bottom?
When you stop falling?
When you’ve cut yourself so much,
There are no more wounds to create?
When suicide becomes a boring thought,
And pain becomes the only thing that makes you feel alive?
When you swallow your sleeping pills with coffee,
Just for the irony?
When you’ve written everything there is about depression, till hell is no longer a metaphor?
When you’ve used drugs so much, they’ve gotten used to you.
Or is rock bottom that place so low, that weed can’t even lift you off the ground?
When you don’t even weep the dead,
As much as you don’t celebrate the new born?
When everything is the same?
And you sit in that corner of your bed wondering whether a one sided coin can buy you freedom.


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